Acquiring the Helicopter - Update 10.07.16

We've had a successful day at the Piasecki aircraft company where the HUP has been stored since 2010. We spent the morning pulling parts from all over the warehouse and managed to get the aircraft outside before lunch as well. Folks from the American Helicopter Museum helped us all day.

Good news is that we found the windscreen pieces and the museum is giving them to us for a good price. However, we have more parts than previously understood so we'll be shipping 4 large boxes in a separate truck.

What is emerging is an understanding that we are receiving a nearly complete aircraft which is over 50 years old. Although I'd hate to say we have everything, we've even found the rear webbed seat. Make no mistake, this is a project. But it's also exciting to see most of it there.

-Mike Getscher
Executive Vice President & COO)