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And so our crowdfunding campaign kicks off. Here’s our pitch- please consider supporting and sharing!


Get a helicopter on Battleship IOWA

The Pacific Battleship Center needs YOUR help in saving a Piasecki HUP Retriever helicopter to display onboard the historic decks of the Battleship IOWA. This Korean War-era helicopter will be on display as both a public education exhibit, as well as a memorial to rotary-wing aviators of that period. This helicopter brings an exhibit that chronicles helicopter aviation during the Korean War. We need your help in telling the story.
The aviation story of the Battleship IOWA goes back to when the ship was commissioned in 1943. At commissioning she was equipped with catapult based float planes that would be launched from the deck of the ship and recovered with a crane from the water upon completion of their mission. Shortly after the end of World War 2, the flight deck was modified to act as one of the first helicopter flight decks aboard a surface combatant. During the ship’s service in the Korean War, helicopters operated from the flight deck of IOWA for critical missions including rescuing downed pilots, forward observation, and supply replenishment. The use of helicopters onboard the battleship remained constant throughout her career, ultimately retiring for her final time in 1990.
More than half a century has passed since the Inchon Landings. Help us preserve this amazing artifact and preserve the memories of our Korean War veterans before it is too late! History MUST not be forgotten, the story of the Korean War MUST not fade away. Stories from the Korean War are lost every day as we lose the veterans that served, and it would truly be tragic if we miss our opportunity to honor them.
Your help is needed to save this important artifact aboard the Battleship IOWA museum. We need your help to raise enough money to purchase one of the last remaining HUP-2 helicopters available in the United States and to develop an interactive exhibit which tells the important story of battleship-based helicopter aviation. Your generous contributions will help preserve an important part of naval aviation history, honor Korean War veterans, as well as to educate the public of their service and sacrifice.

We have a limited window of opportunity to get this helicopter! This campaign is expected to end 11/30/2016

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