IOWA answered the call

From a Korean War veteran:

I have been approached by an author to write a small forward to a blog he is writing about the Inchon invasion. He is looking for Korean War vets who tasted the war. I'm not sure if this is what he is looking for, but here it is.

Someone else wrote a small forward about the Korean War that encapsulates the true feelings of the Korean Vets:

"Our nation honors our sons and daughters who answered the call to defend a country they never knew and a people they never met"

We were the babies of the great depression. We were the younger brothers and cousins of the "greatest generation". As such, patriotism was our hallmark. Nevertheless, when war erupted on the Korean peninsula we were not eager to answer the call. We knew our nation was not directly threatened by the events 6,000 miles from the USA. We, like Americans throughout history wanted to get on with our lives. The war interrupted marriages, education and the job market for a "people we never met"

Yet, we answered the call and many never returned. Our nation was not sympathetic with the war. For many it was too soon after WWII. America was war weary. President Truman saw the invasion of South Korea by North Korea as an affront to freedom loving people of the world. He had warned the communists in the "Truman Doctrine" of the consequences of such action. Now Truman was forced to take action or show the world he was not ready to back up his proclamation.

I have on any number of occasions heard the descendants of the Korean vets say "Dad never talked about the war". Ditto the grandchildren. I am unable to answer why that is. I know it was true of me during most of my life. An event changed my attitude .

In 2012 the USS Iowa was made a museum. I wanted to see my old ship. When I went on her I was filled with a flood of emotions. Walking those old teak wood decks, once again viewing her guns and looking up at her superstructure proudly displaying her battle ribbons, I was filled with tears, tears of pride . For me, that ship encapsulates the best of America.

-Dale McKinnon (Navy, Korean War Era)
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