You can pick up any Vietnam War history book, and somewhere among the pictures will be a UH-1A Huey helicopter. The Bell helicopter is iconic in the context of the Vietnam War. At any one mention of the Huey helicopter, the average civilian may assume that it’s been long retired. They’ll be surprised, that the Bell Huey family of helicopters is still in service, especially since they were first produced in 1956.

Amongst the many helicopters on USS America is a Huey. Well, an upgraded Huey- a type of Huey that belongs to the Marine Corps. And being the Marine Corps, they’ve decided to rename it after the upgrade. Enter the Bell UH-1Y Venom.

The Venom, sometimes called Super Huey is a medium-sized, twin engine utility helicopter, built specially for the United States Marine Corps. It entered service in 2008, and is currently in full-rate production to replace the Marine’s older Huey helicopters introduced in the early 70s.

Normally, I’d write more information about this awesome sounding helicopter. But I managed to convince this gentleman to provide me a brief overview. Enjoy!